Science Word of the Day


Any polymer or resin with low thermal conductivity which melts when its surface is heated and forms a heat-resistant layer of charred material. These materials cover the cones of projectiles and space vehicles and protect them from high temperatures in outer space.


Test which determines reliability and safety of materials used in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, chemical industries and other industries. It provides information how many load cycles material can sustain and determines critical moment when material suffers damage.


A globular multifunctional protein found in all eukariotes. It forms two types of filaments: microfilaments (component of cytoskeleton) and thin filaments (integral part of muscle cells). Free monomer is called G-actin; linear polymer is called F-actin.


A hydrated polymer used as a medium for electrophoresis because of its white coloring and thickening action in water-based solutions. It is used for the separation of biomolecules, such as proteins or DNA fragments...

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Grasshopper, SpaceX's latest prototype rocket, set a new altitude record of over 325 meters right before it landed vertically as planned on it's launch pad.

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