What is GAIN?

1 In electric systems, generally provided by insertion of an amplifier into a transmission circuit, or by matching impedances by a loss-free transformer. Measured in decibels or nepers, and defined as the increase in power level in the load, ie the ratio of the actual power delivered to that which would be delivered if source were correctly matched, without loss, to the load, on the absence of the amplifier. 2 In a directional antenna, ratio expressed in decibels of voltage produced at the receiver terminals by a signal arriving from the direction of maximum sensitivity of the antenna, to that produced by the same signal in an omnidirectional reference antenna generally a half-wave dipole. In a transmitting antenna, ratio of the field strength produced at a point along the line of maximum radiation by a given power radiated from antenna, to that produced at the same point by the same power from an omnidirectional antenna,

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