1 B-cell hybridoma. A cell line obtained by the fusion of a myeloma cell line, which is able to grow indefinitely in culture, with a normal antibody secreting B- cell. The resulting cell line has the properties of both partners, and continues to secrete the antibody product of the normal B-cell. By choosing a myeloma which has ceased to make its own immunoglobulin product but has retained the machinery for doing this, the hybridoma secretes only the normal B-cell antibody. Since the cell line is cloned the antibody is monoclonal. 2 T-cell hybridoma. A cell line obtained by fusion of a T-lymphoma cell line with a normal T-lymphocyte. The resulting hybridoma may retain the properties of the lymphoma but acquires the antigen recognition specificity of the normal T-cell. Such hybridomas provide a source of homogeneous T-cell antigen receptors, and are also useful for recognizing specific antigens which stimulate T-cells such as histo

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