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1 Any thick-walled resting spore formed direcdy from a zygote, as in many algae and some fungi. See oospore. 2 A thick-walled resting spore formed from the zygote resulting from the union of isogametes, ie in Zygnemaphyceae and Zygomycotina.

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The cell that results from the fusion of two gametes. Adj zygotic.

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The second stage of meiotic prophase, intervening between leptotene and pachytene, in which the chromatin threads approximate in pairs and become looped. See fig. at meiosis. zym-,

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Prefixes from Gk zyme, zymosis relating to fermentation.

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Inert precursor of many active proteins and degradative enzymes. It is converted into the active form at the required site of activity. Thus trypsin is formed in the intestinal lumen from the inactive trypsinogen fibrin generated at the site of blood clotting from the inactive fibrinogen.

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Cell wall fraction of yeast which activates the alternative complement pathway, and thus binds C3b. Frequendy used for study of the capacity of cells to phagocytose opsonized materials.

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TN for toughened nylon US.

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