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All additives approved for food use in the European Union are assigned an E number. Some additives only approved in the UK have a number not pre-fixed with an

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E-, EX-

Prefixes from Lt ex, e, out of. v. Chem Symbol for molar extinction coefficient.

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A smooth bend in the axis direction of a waveguide, the axis being maintained in a plane parallel to the polarization direction.

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Insulating material which can withstand a temperature of 120: C. See dass-A insulating material etc.

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Display in which target range and elevation are plotted as horizontal and vertical co-ordinates of the blip.

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The most regular of the ionized regions in the ionosphere, which reflects waves from a transmitter back to Earth. Its effective maximum density increases from zero before dawn to its greatest at noon, and decreases to zero after sunset, at heights varying between 110 and 120 km. There are at least two such layers. Also Heaviside layer, Kennelly-Heaviside layer.

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Abbrev for electronic mail,

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An electric sensing device in an automatic control system which gives an error voltage in response to linear motion. It consists of coils for detecting small displacements of magnetic armature, which affects balance of currents when off-centre.

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Abbrevs for Erythrocyte with Antibody on its surface, and Erythrocyte with Antibody and Com/dement; the latter describing components which have become attached following activation eg EAC 1423. Such red cells are used to detect Fc receptors or complement receptors on other cells.

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A compact mounting of a concave diffraction grating based on the principle of the Rowland circle. The mounting suffers from less astigmatism than either the Rowland or Abney mountings, and is useful for studying higher order spectra.

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