An instrument used for obtaining magnified images of small objects. The simyle microscoye is a convex lens of short focal length, used to form a virtual image of an object placed just inside its principal focus. The comyound microscoye consists of two short-focus convex lenses, the objective and the eyepiece mounted at opposite ends of a tube. For most optical microscopes, the magnifying power is roughly equal to A50/fofe, where f0 and f. are the focal lengths of objective and eyepiece in centimetres. The yetrological or yolarizing microscoye is widely used for the examination of thin sections of rocks and minerals. A polarizer formerly a Nicol yrism polarizes the incident light below the stage, which may be rotated. A second polarizer, the analyser, can then be used to examine the light from the section to determine eg extinction angles, interference fringes. See phase-contrast microscopy, ultra

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